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G Spot

G Spot


Most men today couldn't find their own bungholes with a map and a flashlight! So how can you expect them to find the G Spot? Well now there's help. Take a couple of G SPOT TABS which contain G Spot Sensor Detection Medication. Go straight up the Beaver. Go left at the Labia Majoris. Follow that till you reach the Clitoris. Make a sharp right through the Cervix. Lo and behold you'll see a little G. (If you see eggs you've gone too far.) Your lover will let you know when you've hit gold. The G stands for Gold.

Loyal Customer Testimonial: I recommend G. Spot to all my friends. It's a great product. The first time I tried it, it worked. I found the G. Spot. It was on my neighbor's wife!

Dr. G. Spotfinder, Cooze Labs. Cervix, Conn.

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