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40th Birthday Blues

40th Birthday Blues


LORDY, LORDY, LOOK WHO'S FORTY! There's no hiding from the big four-oh! Thanks to gravity, everything that used to point up, now points down! Memory lapses are common. Check- out clerks start to call you Ma'am or Sir. Your doctor, lawyer, accountant and dentist are all younger than you. But with the help of these pills you can actually cure those 40th birthday blues! And remember, if you do everything right you could face another 40 years . . . granted you're facing them with less hair, less teeth and less grey matter. Well cheer up. It
could be worse - you could be 50!
DIRECTIONS: Take 2 pills every day. Dye your hair and buy a sports car.
Dr. U.R. Older, Facelift Laboratories, Sagging West Virginia.

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