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Joke Pills For Over The Hill!

Yes we know. It’s better to be over the hill than under it, but aging gracefully is not our style. We’d rather poke fun at the ravages of time and point out all of the foibles of growing old.  Yes we have a few “light” titles like Sexy Senior and Lucky Bingo pills – but mostly we take great delight in humiliating old geezers with title like Old Fart, Milk of Amnesia, Vitamin C-Nile, Wrinkleicious, Dozy Driver, Senior Momints and Mid Life Crisis. Of course you might choose a tame title like 70th Birthday Blues or Old Power Medication, but most people prefer the less subtle products like Age Arrest, Young Again and Gamblin’ Grannies. But whatever gag gift you choose for the old fart in your life, you’re certain to make them laugh with

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