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Gambling Grannies

Gambling Grannies


If You’re Over The Hill You Need these pills.
Especially formulated to help all you silver-haired foxes add a little hustle to your bustle! Gambling Grannies all over America are hitting the casinos and making some serious cash – what’s their secret? Gambling Grannies Pills of course, the sure fire way to increase your luck! The best thing about these pills is you don’t need a prescription AND their NOT covered by Medicare, so no embarrassing “age” questions. Use these pills at your own risk because there’s no telling how effective they can be. You’ll be so excited with winning that you should carry an extra set of depends.
DIRECTIONS: Take 2 Gambling Grannies the moment you arrive at the casino and wash them down with a bottle of antacid.
CAUTION: DO NOT DRIVE (while taking this medication or for that matter, ever!)

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