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Gag Gifts For Men!

We just love making fun of men. There’s so much material to work with! That’s why we’ve created so many Gagpills skewed to men. We can cure Beer Guts, Snoring, Mullets, Nosepickers, Imbeciles, Know It Alls, TV Addicts, Mad Wives and Nagging.There are pills to improve your marriage, golf score, fishing and bitsy boners! There are pills for Superdads, Pussy Whipped, Dickheads, Farters and guys who can’t say a sentence without using the F-bomb. You can even get pills that’ll help you slow down and Stressless, grow hair, attract women and ease a guilty conscience. Men are such perfect targets for our products – hell, when it comes to laughing what’s funnier than a guy sitting on a lazy boy, hogging the remote, swilling a bear and farting. Just a barrel of laughs, right?

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