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Mother Savers

Mother Savers


Tired of dishes, laundry, making beds, cooking meals, picking up streaky underwear, dusting, waxing and chauffering kids? Fed up with rushing to get the job done? Now there's help with Pills of Momnesia. Just a couple of pills and Pills of Momnesia go right to work. within minutes of following the directions below you'll be a Mom with Amnesia.

Directions: Install a coin laundromat in the basement. Put vending machines in the kitchen. Swallow 2 Pills of Momnesia with a jug of red wine. Put on a little Otis Redding, light a candle or two, take off your shoes and leave your guilt behind. Within minutes you won't give a hoot or remember a thing about cleaning up anything.

Dr. I. M. Goinout. Hugh Doit Laboratories, Cinderella, Ohio

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