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Madvil are taken just prior to going postal. Before you take your car in for service take 2 Madvil Pills. Before showing your dad your report card, give him 5 Chill Pills. Before showing your husband how much the shoes cost, give him 12 Madvil Pills. Before you start channel surfing give her 4 Madvil Pills. Before you bite the head off the next service person you have to deal with, chew a couple of Madvil Pills! Before you throw your kid's stereo out his bedroom window, take 5 Madvil Pills. When you get home at five in the morning, before giving your parents the car keys and the police report give them each a pack of Madvil Pills. Before approaching your sister about taking your favorite sweater take 4 Madvil pills.


DIRECTIONS: Madvil pills should be taken 5 minutes prior to foaming at the mouth and reaching for your Louisville Slugger.

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