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Frikin' Go Nuts

Frikin' Go Nuts


For people who are so uptight their butts could
change coal into diamonds! Especially effective for
people who are ALWAYS on time, ALWAYS hand in their reports BEFORE they are due, ask questions like "does anal retentive have a hyphen?", tidy up their desks daily and display other annoying neat-freak habits. On your list of things to do today: 1) Get shitfaced. 2) don’t make your bed. 3) Be late. 4) have a quickie at noon. 5) have a quickie at noon. 6) don’t calculate your tip. 7) rip up your coupons. 8) blow a fart in your boss‘s office.
9) Get a life!


DIRECTIONS: Take 2 pills with 12 oz. of tequilla and

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