Cell Buster


If you don't have a cell phone these days you're either an Australian Pigmie or not yet born. Now it is not just a phone, it’s a phone, camera, music player and PDA -- into a single overpriced, easily lost device, how friggin' cool is THAT?!? So when you’re weaving through the freeway minding your own business, and talking on your cell phone while applying your makeup and some ignorant driver starts honking you, just take a sip of your coffee, careful not to smear your lipstick, locate the steering wheel, bring the car to a stop and take 2 Cellbuster, and continue on your way carefully watching for potholes and homeless people, as they can cause a big bump and you run the risk of poking your eye with the mascara brush. For MEN: Lord knows you're capable of picking out a box of cereal on your own. or a movie at the video store, or a pair of socks, Cellbuster gives you the confidense to make those crucial decisions For TEENS: Remember daddy is still getting the bill and you should ...oh sorry you’re on the phone...... Simply get a life.

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