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Old Fart

Old Fart


Are you so old, that when you were in school, there was no history class?
Welcome to the Golden Years . . . where you are now officially a Seasoned Citizen,
a Prune Juice Pilot, A Coffin Dodger. This is the beginning of the end and for what lies ahead it's just as well that you can't hear or see so good. As the best of life has already passed you by and you now spend your time gluing on your hair and teeth. Remember things are going to get whole lot worse. But here's some
help you denture demon . . . Old Fart Pills will help you forget how old you are. Take 4 pills every day with 9 or 10 bottles of prune juice for the rest of your life
and hope like hell that you don't run out! www.shutyourcake.hole or call 1 800 PRUNE JUICE

Dr. Kay O’Pectate & Dr. Jerry Tall. N. Emma Laboratories, Sagging, West Virginia.

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