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Are you so bald that people can see what's on your mind? Bald is good, Bald is fun, Hair gets messy, But bald stays done! THE AMAZING NEW REVELATION ABOUT BALDNESS! Up
until now, the common understanding about baldness was that it entailed hair loss! How ridiculous! Our scientific research has proven that people don't actually lose their hair at all. What really happens is that their heads begin to grow up through the hair, eventually coming through the top of the head and pushing the hair to the sides and back thus creating the appearance of a bald spot on the top of the head. With new WHERE'S BALDO the process can be completely reversed!
DIRECTIONS: Take 2 WHERE'S BALDO Tablets and smack the top of your head with a large rubber mallet thereby pushing the head back down. Repeat this process every day for five
years. Remember all baldness means is that there is less hair to comb and more face to wash. NEW CONTAINS NOHAIRATOLL

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