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t's not easy being a Dad. Dads have a lot of stress, most of it comes from their
lovely offspring. Here are some of the challenges a Dad faces on a daily basis.
1. Dad my teacher hates me. Keys please!
2. I'm never moving out, right Mom?
3. You call this allowance? Keys please!
4. You got a job, why do I need one? Keys please!
5. I didn't ask to be born! got an extra $20 Dad?
6. Dad you're not seeing the big picture! Can I stay out all night?
7. It's not my fault, it's genetic, I got that from you, you drove me to it!
8. Who knew what 150 proof meant, I need you to bail me out asap before I miss the party.

Dr. Gimmie DeKeys, No Curfew Laboratories, Indiana


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