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There comes a time in every woman's life when she is completely overwhelmed with work, chores, kids, cooking, cleaning, laundering, chauffering, shopping, in-laws, teachers and little league. When this milestone happens, it's time for Fuckitol - the little pill that takes her away from her soul-sucking life. Take Fuckitol according to the directions below. Works best with a belly full of Jack Daniels. We guarantee you will Fuckitol.

Take 1 Fuckitol Pill on Laundry Day
Take 2 Fuckitol Pills before Parent/Teacher interviews
Take 3 Fuckitol Pills before taking your teenager shoe shopping
Take 4 Fuckitol Pills before your husband gets home
Take 5 Fuckitol Pills before opening your credit card bill
Take 6 Fuckitol Pills before dinner and 12 after . . .
Dr. Hugh Cares, Not Me Laboratories, Bummer Indiana


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