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Are you tired of waiting around for your husband to get home from the club? The rink? The arena? The bar? Just so you can make him dinner? Sick of sitting at home while he plays around? When he take out the trash, does he try and give you the impression he just cleaned the whole house? Help him become the obedient and considerate spouse you've always wanted. With HusbandAid he'll be asking for your Honey-Do List with a big smile on his face. Imagine how nice it will be when he brings home flowers, jewelry and expensive gifts!
DIRECTIONS: Once a day serve him 2 HusbandAid Pills with a nice big sandwich and an icy beer, buck naked. He’ll have all the household chores done in no time at all.

Dr. Willie Liftafinga. Hattie Nuff Laboratories, Dooless Texas.

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