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Instant Beefcake

Instant Beefcake


Extra large doses of Mo-Macho have been added to Studdenly Stud to create a product guaranteed to turn ordinary guys into instant chick magnets. Experience a testosterone explosion with Studdenly Stud! In seconds you'll be beating your gold-chain chest, dragging females by their hair and craving raw meat!
DIRECTIONS: Place entire contents of STUD PILLS in food processor together with 3 raw eggs and a half pound of raw liver. Add two rusty nails, 4 thumb tacks and a 1/2 inch piece of galvanized chain. Blend until smooth and drink entire mixture.
CAUTION: Excessive use of Studdenly Stud may cause a decrease in IQ and an explosion of hair on chest with large fake medallions.

Dr. Dick Tater, Eveready Laboratories, Big Bulge, Idaho Call 1-800-B-A-STUD

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