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Do you remember when everyone hated you and you were so gross and oblivious of what a degenerate you really were? You first caught my eye in that little Italian restaurant at the corner of Fart and Douchelord. I walked in and you immediately caught my eye. You were sitting alone with tomato sauce on your neck and forehead, I winked, you belched, you took your shoes off the table and asked me to join you. Just then your cell phone rang and you spent the next half hour talking with your skank. The rest is history. Except there is a product that will bring us even closer. BADMANNERS PILL. Works on all types of bad habits, bad table manners, vulgar language, yelling, farting, giving the finger, belching, nose picking blowing smoke in people’s faces and even using your cell phone while being with others.


DIRECTIONS: Take 4 BADMANNERS Pills every morning before scratching your behind, picking your nose and floating your morning biquit. take a proper shower. coffee and off to work. Repeat daily for 2 weeks.


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