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Does the frustration, (the soul-sucking, endless frustration) of dealing with men cause you to sweat all night long? Do you experience mood swings whenever you have to explain something to a guy? Do hot flashes plague you to the point where you want to put your hands around his neck and squeeze? Men-O-Pause will give you the relief you need from men. Whether they constantly leave the seat up, throw their clothes on the nearest surface, leave crumbs everywhere, drink straight out of the milk carton, hog the remote and endlessly channel surf - Men-O-Pause will help you cope. Simply take 2 Men-O-Pause Pills every morning, noon and night (double dose on the weekends) with 6 oz. of brandy and we guarantee that you won’t give a crap what the jerk does!

Dr. Sayer Prayers. Luna Tick Laboratories. Cass Straights, Florida

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