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Brand New Hooka Pipe $25
1oz. of Pure Mexican Gold $100
Watching Barney with your buddies and sucking on some MunchEase....priceless

Curb the Munchies Munchies: When you care enough not to care at all. Curb that raging maryjane appetite with Munchease, the little pill that'll keep you from vacuuming the fridge with your lips! Curb the need to inhale entire cans of nuts and boxes of crackers. Stop stuffing your cakehole with week old leftovers and mouldy cheese. Keep your groceries safe, with Munchease! DIRECTIONS: Take 2 Munchease Pills and don't stop tokin'!

Dr. Beau Napeteet
Tallahashish Laboratories
Toke-Yo, Japan

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