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These pills will, like, omigod, help any teen, like, talk, like so awesome, like, better than fake ID, omigod like American Idol cewl, like you won't believe it! Sure, like it's another language, but hey, like, it's not for tattooless library loser dweebs. So if you, or like, someone you know needs to, like, cewl up, give them these like omigod, Am I hot or what? pills and they'll start talking, like a normal cewllie right away. Like omigod, I've got a zit. Text me as soon as you like buy some. They're like cooler than applying eye liner while driving this totally embarassing car with my elbows and talking on my cell, with a frappacino on my lap. And like she thinks I'm upstairs studying.
Dr. Ray Jinghormones. Lipgloss Laboratories. Whatever, New York.

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