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Party Animal

Party Animal


Depressed? Overworked? job sucks? unappreciated? family problems? Money worries? ...... There are no APPS in life that can help you with that, only one remedy..... Partaayyyy! and leave it all behind. With Partay Animal Pills you are just 2 women away from a threesome! Screw work and don't forget the condoms. But remember everything in moderation, never let yourself get fully retarded. If you’re a person who wishes that whatever happens in Vegas, you wish would happen at home, then you need a dose of Partay Animal Pills. Let loose, be the life of the party. It starts when you get there.
DIRECTIONS: Take 4 Partay Animal Pills with 3 shots of Tequilla, a six pack of beer, 3 glasses of red wine, 2 of white, a couple of lime coolers and 2 vodka martinis. Do not take with food it’s a lot to clean up later The Partay Animal Motto: If I can't drink and drive, how am I supposed to get to work?
Dr. Gladys Friday. Morephun, Maryland

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