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PMS (Potential Murder Suspect) isn' t caused by hormones, it's caused by men! If you're suffering from irrational mood swings, volatile temper, bouts of depression or a complete lack of logic - you're probably putting up with some man's shit! You have PMS, otherwise known as Psychotic Mood Shift, Perpetual Munching Spree, People Make me Sick, Provide Me with Sweets or Pass My Sweatpants! Plainly Men Suck, but don't despair! Help is here with new PMS PILLS.

Dr. Hoar Moans. Stay Clear Laboratories. Yelling, New York

DIRECTIONS: Take 2 PMS Pills once a month and disappear for the weekend with any hunk who thinks you're dynamite! CAUTION: Use only as directed. Could lead to addiction.

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