Super Dad


THE HUMAN ATM! JUST PULL HIS FINGER AND GET SOME CASH!HAND$OME, $MART AND WI$E – THAT’$ YOU DAD!What makes a $uper Dad?He’s always there when you need him, especially in times of $tress. He’s happy to toss a football with you, watch a game or barbecue you a $teak. Even though he doesn’t know much about fashion or girlie $tuff, he tries, no matter how embarra$$ing it can be! A $uper Dad is a $mart guy, a $ympathetic listener and $omeone you can always count on. So here’s to you $uper Dad - $ome $weet pills to remind how much you are appreciated. (OK, it’s true, I need some$$$$$. Thanks Dad!)Dr. Lotta CashSpendthrift, Virginia1-800-NEED-DOUGH-NOWON CALL 24/7 FOR CASH HANDOUTS

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