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Swine U Tab

Swine U Tab


A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste and it's obvious you haven't wasted yours. Clean up your act with Swine-u-tab, the pills that scrub up a dirty mind fast. It can happen anywhere - Office: "Can I put this in your box?" Law Office: " Mind if I look through your briefs?" Golf Course: Head down and spread your legs a little more." Gym: "Can I show you the 2 minute freestyle floor excercise?" Restaurant: I really recommend the tube steak with me sauce".
Every time you have the urge to say something like "Hey! That's what she said last night!" reach for the Swine-u-tab. Fill your filthy mouth with a healthy dose and swallow them down with a tall glass of liquid soap.

Dr. Annie Holewilldo, Sue Wermouth Labs. Hogtown, West Virginia


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